Let’s Reduce Poverty World-wide!

If you were living on just over $1,000 a year in a third world country and you had a good business plan to “lift yourself up by your own bootstraps,” where would you find the money to capitalize your business? Who would loan you fifty percent of your annual income to get started?  How could you give traction to your vision?

Enter Jessica Jackley, a graduate of the Stanford Graduate School of Business with a vision for helping third world entrepreneurs get started or expand their businesses.  Jessica is co-founder of Kiva.org.  Jessica and her partner, Matt Flannery realized that, when people of any culture are given resources, they may feel blessed, but not necessarily empowered to chase their dream.  But when they are loaned the same money at a very low interest rate and are expected to pay it back, they tend to feel trusted and empowered to take on the world. 

In Three years Kiva has helped raise over $61,000,000 and connected thousands of people across 120 countries.  These loans are being paid back on time over 97% of the time.   When paid back, the investor can loan the money out again, or reclaim their investment.  This morning, I loaned $50 to a shoe salesman in Mukono, Uganda.  Combined with other investors, he’ll borrow $1300 to buy shoes in bulk.ozombo

As an entrepreneur myself, I think of Kiva is a method that could reduce poverty significantly worldwide.   Instead of giving aid from our government to third world governments, often to be pilfered from the top; let’s loan small amounts to those with a vision, and watch their economies grow!

Log on to www.kiva.org , learn more about their mission and loan as little as $25.00 to help a framer buy a cow and launch his dream.  Then reward yourself by going to www.cabinetsbyTrivonna.com and dream about your next kitchen!

Erickson Kitchen

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One Comment on “Let’s Reduce Poverty World-wide!”

  1. Krystal Says:

    oh yay! We found out about this site at Leadership Summit and have been way into supporting it too. Must be in the family blood!!

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